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 Located at Victory Life House, 5A Neil Street Osborne Park WA        

Victory Life Centre has a well established Healing Ministry that has been going for many years. Our new centre- the Prayer and Healing Rooms- are where you can come to receive prayer and soak in the anointing.

Healing By Appointment

The Healing Rooms are open by appointment only- you can call our Reception on 9202 7111 or 9202 7186

What are the Healing Rooms all about?

Sometimes we need a person to stand in agreement with us for a breakthrough. At the Healing Rooms you can book in for Healing By Appointment or HBA with two members of our Healing Team who will pray with you, encourage you in your healing and stand with you to help you believe for your healing. You can come as required, whatever it takes to see you through to your miracle or breakthrough.

Prayer Rooms

The Prayer Rooms at Victory Life Centre are open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm.

The Prayer Rooms are a place for you to come and stir up your gift of prayer and intercession, soak in the presence of God and seek His face for transformation, breakthrough and victory. Classes on prayer also run occasionally, you can find out about these on our website or checking the Prayer Room timetable.


Soaking Sessions are held on Wednesday afternoons from 1-2pm and these are times of prophetic praise and worship with live singing and music. You can come and lie in the anointing, soak up the presence of God, get filled up and refreshed, stir up the gift of prayer and intercession within you, have hands laid on and activate the healing you’ve been standing for.

Transformation Prayer

Transformation Prayer is also available through the Healing Rooms. Transformation Prayer or TP is different to Healing By Appointment in that it is more intense and is a form of prayer counseling- please note that the team members who facilitate TP are not qualified counselors but faithful and committed volunteers who feel called to this ministry and have completed training in the SOZO form of prayer counseling only. TP sessions are for individuals needing specific, personal breakthrough to be completely free, healed and delivered. TP sessions can go for up to 2 hours and involved two facilitators who pray with one person.

We also have resources for you to help you stand on the Word of God for your healing including confession scriptures, Healing School, Prayer School and soaking sessions.

Come and be encouraged as you sit under the healing anointing. God's Word changes lives and we have many great testimonies of the healing power of God.  We have teaching on healing, praise and worship and prayer.  Home and hospital visitation are also available by calling 9202 7111 or emailing Pastor Alan Wells on


Located at Victory Life House, 6 Neil Street Osborne Park WA  Prayer Teamjpg

Tuesdays - 10am-12pm in Victory Life House with Ps Brian Whatley and Ps Jenny Whatley

Wednesdays - 10am-12pm in Victory Life House with Ps Barbara Oldfield-Bentley 

Soaking Sessions - Wednesday’s at 1pm

Thursdays - 10am-12pm in Victory Life House with Ps Marika Court

For more information on our School of Healing please contact

Ps Marika Court on or 9202 7111