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STAND is a group of passionate young adults, from the ages of 18 to 25. In addition to general social events, we meet up on a fortnightly basis in connect groups and have a combined monthly meeting incorporating awesome teaching that is specific and relevant to young adults and is another opportunity to get together, invite our friends and have a bit of FUN....

We, as Young Adults, have taken a stand to trust God and expect this nation to turn their hearts to Christ through the Love of God.  So come along and join us on the journey together to fulfil our God-given purposes and destinies. 

STAND is all about connecting and building friendships with people who have the same heart towards God, challenging you, inspiring you and empowering you with the courage to dream big and be ALL that God has called you to be.

"God empowers us to live a life beyond the ordinary"

What we STAND for

Faith, Righteousness, Justice, Truth, Peace, Hope, Love, Prosperity in every area of life. We stand set apart for God and want all that God has for us. We are people that are called by His Name to humble ourselves and pray and seek His face, with a pure heart.  We will take a stand to believe that the Maker of heaven and earth, the God of Love, wants the best for each person and longs to see them freely live the life they were called to live.


There is a revolution happening in Australia amongst the Young Adults and it's happening through the people that are taking a stand for what they believe in.

When we stand for what we believe in, we will see the change in the hearts and lives of the young people all around us. There is no turning back, as we stand for righteousness, with the love of God poured out in our hearts.. for the REVOLUTION has begun!!!  So be all that God has called you to be - Be Passionate, Be inspired, above all, be stirred but never shaken, because He has called you to STAND!