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Prayer at Victory Life Centre

At Victory Life Centre, prayer is the foundation of all our Christian endeavours.  Isaiah 40:3 "Prepare Ye the way of the Lord".  In prayer we pave the way for God's purposes and plans to be achieved on this earth. It is vitally important to be led by the Spirit and pray according to God's Word. We have various prayer cells and meetings.

School of Prayer

COMING UP this month! 

The School of Prayer is on every Thursday in the month of June. Ps Diana Chan will be teaching on ‘Aspects of Prayer’ Every Thursday in June || 1pm || The Victory Healing Centre.

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Prayer Teachings


1. Adding Our Supply
"Paul is talking about the supply of the Spirit that is in every believer"

2. Applying the Blood 
"Applying the blood of Jesus is a very powerful spiritual weapon"

3. Praying God's Word
"When we pray God’s word we pray out the life of God that is in the word. There is great power in saying what God says in His word over people and situation.

4. Praying for the Lost
"We have weapons that are 'divinely powerful' to pull down strongholds if only we would realise it.















Ps Anne Edgar

Prayer Pastor

Telephone: 08 9202 7111


Weekly Prayer Meetings

Prophetic Prayer and Worship, 
Wednesday's 7.30pm at Victory Healing Centre (Except the last Thursday of the month when it is replaced with Night Watch Prayer on Friday) 

Prayer leaders Ps Margaret Court and Ps Anne Edgar

Men's Prayer
Wednesday's 6.45am in Victory Healing Centre

Prayer leader John Oneil

Connect Prayer for Israel
1st and 3rd Monday of every month 7.30pm Victory Healing Centre 

Prayer leader Alison Rowe

Pre Service Prayer
Sunday's 7.30am-8.20am in Bible College Room 2

Prayer leader Ps' John and Tri Oneil

Prayer for Nation,
Tuesday's 10.00am in The Prayer Room,

Prayer leader: Belinda Severs

Night Watch,
Last Friday of every month in The Victory Healing Centre 7:30pm until late

Prayer for Kings Kafe, Seniors & City Wide Outrach

Thursday 6.00pm in No. 5 Boardroom

Prayer for our Police Service

First Wednesday of every month 1pm-2pm @ the Police Academy Joondalup Chapel

Contact Ps Alan Wells on 92027111 for more info